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More foreign DNA here! Must be those pesky aliens again!

Ever¬†heard of horizontal gene transfer? Don’t freak, let me explain! It’s when an organism acquires new¬†genes not from its parents but from other sources. Sounds pretty alien, right? Well, it can happen right here on earth too. It is what … Continue reading

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Alien DNA? That’s the best you can do?

Well, this really takes the cake. Scientists can’t understand why 79% of our DNA appears to have no “function”, so they call it junk. Later, they claim it is alien DNA because they still don’t know what it does. Maybe … Continue reading

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Chromosomes are really boring to most people. Football and reality TV are far more entertaining to many folks. In fact, science in general is boring to most people. And math? PUH! Forget it! Most people could care less how buildings … Continue reading

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