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Peer Review versus Censorship

Peer review is a time honored system whereby fellow scientists test each other’s data to insure they are both credible and reproducible. It is the gold standard upon which all scientific works should be based. It makes sense because it … Continue reading

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Life Arose From Nothing?

We hear a common argument from biblical literalists that life cannot arise spontaneously from nothing, as if the world before life was but a vast void of amorphous chaos with no rhyme or reason, no form, no laws of nature. … Continue reading

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The bacteria that gave life to us?

Evidence is piling in that within extreme forms of bacteria called Archaea there is a group called Asgard with DNA fingerprints suggesting ancestry to cells like our own.  It appears that all eukaryotic cells were created by a single endosymbiotic event in … Continue reading

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Cancer as a Criminal Entity

What exactly is cancer? I’ve discussed this topic before in a variety of ways but thought it might be useful to bring it up again during the new year. Most everyone knows that cancer is runaway cell growth. At its … Continue reading

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