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Peer Review versus Censorship

(Click here for the latest posts) You can support this research through Patreon.  Click here for more info. Peer review is a time honored system whereby fellow scientists test each other’s data to insure they are both credible and reproducible. … Continue reading

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Life Arose From Nothing?

We hear a common argument from biblical literalists that life cannot arise spontaneously from nothing, as if the world before life was but a vast void of amorphous chaos with no rhyme or reason, no form, no laws of nature. … Continue reading

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The bacteria that gave life to us?

Evidence is piling in that within extreme forms of bacteria called Archaea there is a group called Asgard with DNA fingerprints suggesting ancestry to cells like our own.  It appears that all eukaryotic cells were created by a single endosymbiotic event in … Continue reading

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Cancer as a Criminal Entity

What exactly is cancer? I’ve discussed this topic before in a variety of ways but thought it might be useful to bring it up again during the new year. Most everyone knows that cancer is runaway cell growth. At its … Continue reading

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