Fighting scientific one hit wonders

I discovered this on Facebook and decided to share it here:

One hit wonders

After watching this audio you may be convinced that what I have been “peddling” on this blog seems to fall under the category of “a one hit wonder”. This is especially true for hard core bench scientists of a biological bent. But on closer examination of what is being said here, you would be absolutely wrong. Dead wrong. Why? Well, first of all, one hit wonders require rigorous examinations or peer review. By their very definition, they almost always fail this process. Apparently, the incentive to check these things out is simply not there. It is much better to find one’s own “one hit wonder” than to mess around validating somebody else’s “discovery”, especially if that person is high up in the ranks and is currently enjoying being praised and validated as a naked emperor. This is an absolute perversion of the scientific method. It debases scientific discovery to mere opinions of scientific celebrities with fat grants and self-congratulatory peer network connections. This is no time for equivocating on scientific discovery because science is in real danger from a public that is already highly suspicious of scientific inquiry. They are probing for chinks in the scientific method and they believe they are finding them! Faulty, one hit wonders only reinforce their suspicions. One day eggs are bad for you, then they are good for you, coconut oil will kill you, now it will save you, the list goes on and on. Social media like Facebook abounds in memes saying vaccines cause autism, climate change is not real, and not only are fossil fuels perfectly safe, but green energy is just a ploy to get money from the government because it can’t compete. No conflict of interest there, right? Religious zealots flock to Kentucky to admire “Noah’s Ark”, complete with a dinosaur petting zoo. If you are a scientist or even if you are not, this is very scary stuff, especially in light of a new President that buys into pseudoscience because it fits his agenda. Our educational system has declined to the point that many people have no concept of the scientific method, statistics, or trend lines that predict what may happen in any given scenario. I believe there is a very dark reason for this: Ignorant, distracted people are easily manipulated. Why should they try reasoning with someone when they can just shout loud obscenities at them on the internet? Soon enough, the opposition goes away and they congratulate thenselves on “making” their point, albeit not the one they were trying to make. This happens a lot and everyone knows it.

So, other than the obvious, what exactly is the point of this particular post? Well for starters, you cannot claim the results of a one hit wonder are invalid until you actually test it first. So, you may ask, what would be the incentive for doing such a thing? Well, it all depends upon what that one hit wonder actually is, so let’s focus on my “little” one hit wonder here. First of all, let me state that I was actually looking for circles of DNA that can be connected and originate from mammalian nuclei. I had a hypothesis before, not after the fact. That in itself should provide some credibility to this discovery. I firmly believe these results are reproducible in someone’s else’s laboratory, but simply reproducing my results is only the beginning because I have other hypotheses contingent upon the existence of these circles. You can read more about them in this blog. The biggest obstacle to getting this research reproduced, and testing out my other hypotheses is the unwillingness of the establishment scientific community to do so. If you are a non-scientist you may be shocked by this comment, but it is one dirty little secret of the elitist science world. Knowledge must trickle down from the top and this is where many unvalidated one hit wonders come from. If even a small fraction of what I am saying about my discovery is real, it would turn biological science on its head.

If anyone would like to contact me about how I could get funding for this project it would be highly appreciated. It has sat on the shelf for over 25 years now, as other one hit wonders come and go:





About frankabernathy

I am a retired cell biologist and alumnus of Ohio State University. I became interested in chromosomes as far back as the 1960's when I wrote a term paper on the effects of radiomimetic drugs on chromosomes. I was fascinated at how they could break apart and reform new structures so easily. I became further involved in the early 1970's after taking a cytogenetics course at the University of Arkansas. I took that knowledge with me to Ohio State in 1980 where I eventually worked on my research and completed my Ph.D. dissertation, "Studies on Eukaryotic DNA Superstructure". My studies and later research suggested that the DNA within the eukaryotic chromosome is not the simple, linear molecular thread so widely suggested in all the classic textbooks published today. Instead, it may be the culmination of a geologically rapid set of endosymbiotic events where microorganisms plug into each other to create something greater than themselves. Feel free to contact me at
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