Are the 1% really as smart as they think they are? (Post 2)

The elites or 1% come with a variety of agendas: Usually we visualize them as something like the Rothschilds and their ilk, thinking they are smart enough to “Terra form” the Earth to something more to their liking. Imagine being arrogant, irrational, and delusional enough to believe you can actually improve on perfection by destroying it! These “geniuses” apparently think that if you produce enough chemtrails; poison enough air, food, and water, and kill off people in every way imaginable, that none of this will ever come back to bite them in their respective asses. They have “immunized” themselves, somehow, and are above the fray, so much so that they actually want nuclear war with Russia! That’s how delusional and insane these people really are. They actually believe they can crawl into their subterranean Mars bubbles and safely wait out all the disasters they want to impose on the rest of us. They are ruthless businessmen, warmongers, manipulators, assassins, financiers, and apparently worship Satan to boot. This is what they excel at because they have been honing their skills for centuries, if not millennia. As far as they are concerned, it has worked out quite well for them, this business of unsustainable growth on a planet with finite resources. After all, they live in palaces, mansions, on huge boats, they own most everything, and can take the rest whenever it suits their fancy. Yes, the process has gotten a bit messier, to be sure, but they just see that as part of doing business as usual. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

What they apparently are not very good at is science, especially biological science, evolution, and ecosystems. It must have something to do with their religious affiliations, because religions in general seem to be anti-science, a kind of super religion which could be aptly named reflexology, involving much kool aid and brain washing with a generous dose of raw, primal emotions to quench the curious, wandering, critical, reflective, rebellious mind.

So where do we go from here?  Are we so far gone as a species that like a smoker who just learned they have lung cancer decides: What the hell, gonna die anyway, might as well enjoy myself? It is very late in the day, not only for us, but for pretty much all forms of complex life. We are on the cusp of mass extinctions that will collapse the world wide food chains, including the parts that generate oxygen for us to breathe. I know the elite have all of this worked out because they must have massive underground terra-formed domed cities in which to live that are completely self-sufficient. They have everything figured out down to the last nut and bolt with their Noah’s Arks. There is absolutely nothing left to chance. Let nuclear war begin! Sterilize the entire surface of the Earth with 100 megaton hydrogen bombs. They can sit quietly in their domes with their ear buds in, listening to music, and drinking wine as the bombs go off. They have carefully calculated all of the possible ramifications, oh, I forgot, they don’t like scientists, do they?  Or at least not any that don’t share their religious viewpoints of superiority. So what if one of those bombs opens up tectonic plate activity in the oceans, spewing lava and high pressure water and steam underground where they just happen to be living. So what?

Hmmm…maybe, just maybe, they need to tweak this grandiose plan of theirs just a teeny weeny bit further.

Naaaaww! Let the games begin!

The original post is just below this one. I suggest you read it as well and watch the videos.


About frankabernathy

I am a retired cell biologist and alumnus of Ohio State University. I became interested in chromosomes as far back as the 1960's when I wrote a term paper on the effects of radiomimetic drugs on chromosomes. I was fascinated at how they could break apart and reform new structures so easily. I became further involved in the early 1970's after taking a cytogenetics course at the University of Arkansas. I took that knowledge with me to Ohio State in 1980 where I eventually worked on my research and completed my Ph.D. dissertation, "Studies on Eukaryotic DNA Superstructure". My studies and later research suggested that the DNA within the eukaryotic chromosome is not the simple, linear molecular thread so widely suggested in all the classic textbooks published today. Instead, it may be the culmination of a geologically rapid set of endosymbiotic events where microorganisms plug into each other to create something greater than themselves. Feel free to contact me at
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