Salk Scientists See 3D Structure of DNA

When I was a very young man (pre-college I believe) I wrote a letter to Jonas Salk about a way to combat cancer using immunotherapy. He actually wrote me back and asked if I was working in the field! Amazing, huh? Back then, people could write snail mail letters to famous people and actually get personal responses from them! I even heard that Elvis did the same thing, but I never wrote Elvis. I have tried to find Dr. Salk’s letter, but apparently it has been lost or misplaced. So in this day and age, I guess that means it never happened. Anyway, I just found this video that the Salk Institute put out in July about chromatin, i.e, DNA all wrapped up in a blanket of protein and a few other odds and ends. You absolutely have to watch it because your level of understanding about this complex subject will immediately jump to absolutely amazing…………, uh, astounding levels of………….nothing.

I don’t fault Dr. Salk for this. He’s been dead since 1995. His fine institution has engaged in the latest and greatest 3D microscopic technology to show that when spaghetti is all wrapped up in itself, it looks, well, complicated. So stay away, ye amateurs! Chromatin is not for the faint of heart! If ye not believe me, watch the video for thyself! And remember, millions of dollars were probably spent getting this valuable information to you. So enjoy it and revel in your continued ignorance!



About frankabernathy

I am a retired cell biologist and alumnus of Ohio State University. I became interested in chromosomes as far back as the 1960's when I wrote a term paper on the effects of radiomimetic drugs on chromosomes. I was fascinated at how they could break apart and reform new structures so easily. I became further involved in the early 1970's after taking a cytogenetics course at the University of Arkansas. I took that knowledge with me to Ohio State in 1980 where I eventually worked on my research and completed my Ph.D. dissertation, "Studies on Eukaryotic DNA Superstructure". My studies and later research suggested that the DNA within the eukaryotic chromosome is not the simple, linear molecular thread so widely suggested in all the classic textbooks published today. Instead, it may be the culmination of a geologically rapid set of endosymbiotic events where microorganisms plug into each other to create something greater than themselves. Feel free to contact me at
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