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I am a retired cell biologist and alumnus of Ohio State University. I became interested in chromosomes as far back as the 1960's when I wrote a term paper on the effects of radiomimetic drugs on chromosomes. I was fascinated at how they could break apart and reform new structures so easily. I became further involved in the early 1970's after taking a cytogenetics course at the University of Arkansas. I took that knowledge with me to Ohio State in 1980 where I eventually worked on my research and completed my Ph.D. dissertation, "Studies on Eukaryotic DNA Superstructure". My studies and later research suggested that the DNA within the eukaryotic chromosome is not the simple, linear molecular thread so widely suggested in all the classic textbooks published today. Instead, it may be the culmination of a geologically rapid set of endosymbiotic events where microorganisms plug into each other to create something greater than themselves. Feel free to contact me at

Quantum leaps in cellular evolution

This is my first post this month and it is dedicated to all the people out there who use computers, be ye geeks or otherwise. Pretty much everyone knows what a thumb drive is, right? It’s the little stick you … Continue reading

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Collaboration Re-visited

The same ole same ole just won’t do…
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How are our chromosomes actually put together? Why should it matter to you?

The structure of human chromosomes may not be as simple as mainstream science says they are. O…….k. So why should that be important to you? Just a petty spat among academics, right? Nothing to see here, just move on along. … Continue reading

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To be a Scientist Means to Follow the data

This is a very sad commentary for me to share, especially during the holidays. I’ll be honest: I really don’t like sharing it but I feel compelled to do so. This is what seems to invariably happen whenever organizations become … Continue reading

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What does it mean to have an “open” mind?

A friend of mine once said that having an open mind is like having an open sewer. I assume what he meant by that was all that unfiltered raw data just flows right in and becomes randomly assimilated into some … Continue reading

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Liberals can be intolerant to science just like conservatives

I’ll let this article speak for itself.

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There are no dumb questions.

This post is about one of the many comments I have been receiving regarding certain posts that strike a chord with people. Here is the link to that post: Can the Linear Chromosome Model Be Saved? “Fantastic post however , … Continue reading

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