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how the eukaryotic chromosome evolved from prokaryotes and viruses

Viruses are a two edged sword.

Here is a blog from a fellow traveler who believes as I do, that our cells are nothing more than a huge conglomeration of viruses.

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Elio Fausto Vanin, Ph.D 

I decided to contact Dr. Vanin today, seeing as how we had a very brief crossing of paths at Ohio State University back in the late 1980’s when I was a Ph.D. student there. I audited one of his courses … Continue reading

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Racism has a genetic component related to speciation.

The word racism comes from the word race, right? There are at least three major races, mongoloid, negro, and caucasian.  Look it up. Anybody that fails to see this is merely deluding themselves, which could be considered a form of … Continue reading

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The bacteria that gave life to us?

Evidence is piling in that within extreme forms of bacteria called Archaea there is a group called Asgard with DNA fingerprints suggesting ancestry to cells like our own.  It appears that all eukaryotic cells were created by a single endosymbiotic event in … Continue reading

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Cancer as a Criminal Entity

What exactly is cancer? I’ve discussed this topic before in a variety of ways but thought it might be useful to bring it up again during the new year. Most everyone knows that cancer is runaway cell growth. At its … Continue reading

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Evolution, debated on Facebook

I just copied this from a Facebook post. I cleaned out the garbage text to make it easier to read. The first statement is from an engineer who had concerns about the theory of evolution. After a very lively debate, … Continue reading

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Evolution, continued…

In terms of macroevolution, comparative embryology can be very revealing. Take a look at how such divergent vertebrate species as fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals look at very early embryonic states of development. In the early stages, all of them … Continue reading

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