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Regarding Comments

???????? I have been getting quite a lot of comments lately. Some of them are repeats. They are almost always positive in nature but somewhat generic in content, meaning they could apply to other blogs as well. So, I am … Continue reading

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Is cell mitosis composed of smaller cell mitoses?

Ok, this is a really weird title, even for me. However, this whole blog is about how our cells and DNA were stitched together using smaller endosymbiotic cells and their DNA. If these smaller cells also had mitotic spindles, they may … Continue reading

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Pericentriolar recycling endosomes

The pericentriolar recycling endosome is a fascinating organelle. It localizes within the centriolar regions of an animal cell where it does its job of degrading and recycling cell debris, including bacterial remnants.  The location of this activity is reminescent of … Continue reading

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The evolution of mitosis

The evolution of mitosis may have greatly facilitated the uptake of genome-sized exogenous DNA’s into early eukaryotes. Click here to view models that may explain how mitosis may have evolved from prokaryotic symbiotic relationships.

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