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Regarding Comments

???????? I have been getting quite a lot of comments lately. Some of them are repeats. They are almost always positive in nature but somewhat generic in content, meaning they could apply to other blogs as well. So, I am … Continue reading

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Can you be cloned?

I have an answer to this question, but I would like to hear your answer or comment first. I know you can do this because people do it on Facebook all the time. Come on. Give it your best shot. I … Continue reading

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How are whole animals cloned from adult cells?

Earlier in this blog, I indicated that DNA rearrangements and deletions during cellular differentiation may make  nuclear compartments unavailable to be used for cloning specific kinds of stem cells because all of the DNA is not there. If this is … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs and cellular differentiation

Learn more about these interesting structures by visiting the bottom of the page containing photomicrographs. Sometimes scientists get very polarized, just like politicians. For example, were the dinosaurs killed by an asteroid, volcanoes, or disease? Well, it could have been … Continue reading

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Why are pluripotent stem cells falling short of expectations?

There has been a lot of research over the last few years focused on turning adult stem cells into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells). This was originally accomplished by using viral vectors to introduce reprogramming genes into these cells … Continue reading

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