Are the 1% really as smart as they think they are? (Post 2)

The elites or 1% come with a variety of agendas: Usually we visualize them as something like the Rothschilds and their ilk, thinking they are smart enough to “Terra form” the Earth to something more to their liking. Imagine being arrogant, irrational, and delusional enough to believe you can actually improve on perfection by destroying it! These “geniuses” apparently think that if you produce enough chemtrails; poison enough air, food, and water, and kill off people in every way imaginable, that none of this will ever come back to bite them in their respective asses. They have “immunized” themselves, somehow, and are above the fray, so much so that they actually want nuclear war with Russia! That’s how delusional and insane these people really are. They actually believe they can crawl into their subterranean Mars bubbles and safely wait out all the disasters they want to impose on the rest of us. They are ruthless businessmen, warmongers, manipulators, assassins, financiers, and apparently worship Satan to boot. This is what they excel at because they have been honing their skills for centuries, if not millennia. As far as they are concerned, it has worked out quite well for them, this business of unsustainable growth on a planet with finite resources. After all, they live in palaces, mansions, on huge boats, they own most everything, and can take the rest whenever it suits their fancy. Yes, the process has gotten a bit messier, to be sure, but they just see that as part of doing business as usual. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

What they apparently are not very good at is science, especially biological science, evolution, and ecosystems. It must have something to do with their religious affiliations, because religions in general seem to be anti-science, a kind of super religion which could be aptly named reflexology, involving much kool aid and brain washing with a generous dose of raw, primal emotions to quench the curious, wandering, critical, reflective, rebellious mind.

So where do we go from here?  Are we so far gone as a species that like a smoker who just learned they have lung cancer decides: What the hell, gonna die anyway, might as well enjoy myself? It is very late in the day, not only for us, but for pretty much all forms of complex life. We are on the cusp of mass extinctions that will collapse the world wide food chains, including the parts that generate oxygen for us to breathe. I know the elite have all of this worked out because they must have massive underground terra-formed domed cities in which to live that are completely self-sufficient. They have everything figured out down to the last nut and bolt with their Noah’s Arks. There is absolutely nothing left to chance. Let nuclear war begin! Sterilize the entire surface of the Earth with 100 megaton hydrogen bombs. They can sit quietly in their domes with their ear buds in, listening to music, and drinking wine as the bombs go off. They have carefully calculated all of the possible ramifications, oh, I forgot, they don’t like scientists, do they?  Or at least not any that don’t share their religious viewpoints of superiority. So what if one of those bombs opens up tectonic plate activity in the oceans, spewing lava and high pressure water and steam underground where they just happen to be living. So what?

Hmmm…maybe, just maybe, they need to tweak this grandiose plan of theirs just a teeny weeny bit further.

Naaaaww! Let the games begin!

The original post is just below this one. I suggest you read it as well and watch the videos.

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Are the 1% really as smart as they think they are?

They say the 99% is where the stupidiest people live. Easily manipulated, distracted, brainwashed, and fooled. Really? Whose fooling who here? Who’s causing global extinction, sea level rises, extreme weather changes, conversion of earth’s resources into fetid piles of garbage, releasing untold quantities of radiation and pollution into the ocean, and causing other Biblical catastrophies that may eventually lead to the collapse of not only the food chain but of the oxygen cycle on which all life but the most primitive microbes depends? Only the most self-deluded fools would ever believe they can push breakneck nonsustainable growth indefinitely by converting a planet’s finite resources into a gigantic radioactive, toxic cesspool as quickly as possible and then visualizing it as some kind of perverse business model. Who or what will they finally rule? Nothing but a desolate, toxic, radioactive planet devoid of all but the most primitive forms of life. A planet that will take tens of millions of years or more to finally reconstitute itself, if ever.

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Viruses are a two edged sword.

Here is a blog from a fellow traveler who believes as I do, that our cells are nothing more than a huge conglomeration of viruses.

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Is this the “They’ and the “Why”? Elio Vanin: Part 2?

In my last post I indicated that I wanted to ask Elio Vanin why he said what he said to me over 25 years ago. His final response to me was “They will kill you for this”. I wanted to ask him who “they” were and why they wanted to “kill” me. Unfortunately, he cannot answer this question because he has passed on. However, I have formulated hypotheses about it over the years. Perhaps the link below will help connect a few of these dots and then some.

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Elio Fausto Vanin, Ph.D 

I decided to contact Dr. Vanin today, seeing as how we had a very brief crossing of paths at Ohio State University back in the late 1980’s when I was a Ph.D. student there. I audited one of his courses to see what I might learn from him. It was quite intimidating to say the least. His intellect and breadth of knowledge was formidable. Later on, I found myself at a cross-path with him again in the office of my advisor, Dr. Ralph Stephens.  I was nearing the end of my research there and Ralph wanted to give me a jumping off point as insurance against my research possibly blowing up in my face.  So we all sat there together while Dr. Vanin discussed his research on a cell line that had a huge deletion of DNA in it. I can’t remember all the details but I’m sure it could be looked up easily enough. He was quite proud of that cell line and very possessive of it. He wasn’t about to share it with anybody else for fear of being scooped.  Before he could continue, I casually mentioned that his DNA deletion resulted from the detachment of a DNA domain within the chromosome. Ralph shot a look at me, then at Vanin, who was now staring at me like a deer in headlights. I believe I elaborated on it in some detail, but this was a long time ago. So I was at a crossroads. I could take the safe route and get on board with Dr. Vanin, keeping my mouth soundly shut for the duration of my tenure as a Ph.D. student, or I could continue with my research on my own. Well, as you might have guessed, the rest is history. When he and I walked out of Ralph’s office, he stopped, turned to look at me, and said something I will never forget for as long as I live. “They will KILL you for this!”  Now I was the deer in headlights. Suddenly, all the veneer, niceties, and pretense of civilization suddenly peeled away under the blast of his words. His primal, visceral comment chilled me to the bone.

Well, I waited one year too late to contact him because he passed away January, 2016 with 90 publications to his name and a spectacular career.  Elio Vanin was the quintessential brilliant biological scientist, top of his field. But on parting company with me for the last time at Ohio State, the best this otherwide amazing man could muster up was: “They will KILL you for this!”

As I think back on it, the reason that I wanted to contact him again after such a long period of time was to ask him questions in response to his final comment to me:  Who exactly, are “they “ and why would they want to kill me? If anybody has an answer to that one, please feel free to share it with me, because Elio cannot. However, from what I have experienced throughout my lifetime on this earth, I think I may already know the answer.

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Racism has a genetic component related to speciation.

The word racism comes from the word race, right? There are at least three major races, mongoloid, negro, and caucasian.  Look it up. Anybody that fails to see this is merely deluding themselves, which could be considered a form of mental illness in itself.  Politically correct, DNA shaming is a form of Orwellianism; bullying and forcing the victim to deny what they see right in front of their very eyes. These races formed because of DNA isolation, probably due to geographical separations. You can even see it in small towns or regions where the local populace stays in one spot, generation after generation, interbreeding among themselves. These people have a certain “look” to them. The DNA differences in the races are slight enough that interbreeding can occur, generating viable offspring capable of reproduction themselves. However, given enough genetic isolation over time, they would form separate species that could no longer produce such offspring, i.e., cross breeding would result in “sterile” offspring like mules. Apparently, people in the PC world want to manipulate everybody into interbreeding to prevent speciation from happening. I guess they think if everybody looks alike we can all get along better or might be easier to control. They fail to understand that the most vicious wars ever fought are civil wars between highly related peoples. Robins and blue jays do not interbreed and somehow they manage to get along just fine. Yes, we are clever and smart to be sure; but we are not as wise as other species to the ways of nature. “PC racism” is the least of our problems. We think we are somehow above all other forms of life, which is not only arrogant but dangerous. It’s like disrespecting the very ancestors who gave you life and continue to do so. Such arrogance is not only foolish, it can be fatal. Shake and move the lifeboat long enough, and it will capsize. The shakers and movers may think they are clever, having made provisions for their own short term survival, but that’s exactly what it will be: Short!

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Fighting scientific one hit wonders

I discovered this on Facebook and decided to share it here:

One hit wonders

After watching this audio you may be convinced that what I have been “peddling” on this blog seems to fall under the category of “a one hit wonder”. This is especially true for hard core bench scientists of a biological bent. But on closer examination of what is being said here, you would be absolutely wrong. Dead wrong. Why? Well, first of all, one hit wonders require rigorous examinations or peer review. By their very definition, they almost always fail this process. Apparently, the incentive to check these things out is simply not there. It is much better to find one’s own “one hit wonder” than to mess around validating somebody else’s “discovery”, especially if that person is high up in the ranks and is currently enjoying being praised and validated as a naked emperor. This is an absolute perversion of the scientific method. It debases scientific discovery to mere opinions of scientific celebrities with fat grants and self-congratulatory peer network connections. This is no time for equivocating on scientific discovery because science is in real danger from a public that is already highly suspicious of scientific inquiry. They are probing for chinks in the scientific method and they believe they are finding them! Faulty, one hit wonders only reinforce their suspicions. One day eggs are bad for you, then they are good for you, coconut oil will kill you, now it will save you, the list goes on and on. Social media like Facebook abounds in memes saying vaccines cause autism, climate change is not real, and not only are fossil fuels perfectly safe, but green energy is just a ploy to get money from the government because it can’t compete. No conflict of interest there, right? Religious zealots flock to Kentucky to admire “Noah’s Ark”, complete with a dinosaur petting zoo. If you are a scientist or even if you are not, this is very scary stuff, especially in light of a new President that buys into pseudoscience because it fits his agenda. Our educational system has declined to the point that many people have no concept of the scientific method, statistics, or trend lines that predict what may happen in any given scenario. I believe there is a very dark reason for this: Ignorant, distracted people are easily manipulated. Why should they try reasoning with someone when they can just shout loud obscenities at them on the internet? Soon enough, the opposition goes away and they congratulate thenselves on “making” their point, albeit not the one they were trying to make. This happens a lot and everyone knows it.

So, other than the obvious, what exactly is the point of this particular post? Well for starters, you cannot claim the results of a one hit wonder are invalid until you actually test it first. So, you may ask, what would be the incentive for doing such a thing? Well, it all depends upon what that one hit wonder actually is, so let’s focus on my “little” one hit wonder here. First of all, let me state that I was actually looking for circles of DNA that can be connected and originate from mammalian nuclei. I had a hypothesis before, not after the fact. That in itself should provide some credibility to this discovery. I firmly believe these results are reproducible in someone’s else’s laboratory, but simply reproducing my results is only the beginning because I have other hypotheses contingent upon the existence of these circles. You can read more about them in this blog. The biggest obstacle to getting this research reproduced, and testing out my other hypotheses is the unwillingness of the establishment scientific community to do so. If you are a non-scientist you may be shocked by this comment, but it is one dirty little secret of the elitist science world. Knowledge must trickle down from the top and this is where many unvalidated one hit wonders come from. If even a small fraction of what I am saying about my discovery is real, it would turn biological science on its head.

If anyone would like to contact me about how I could get funding for this project it would be highly appreciated. It has sat on the shelf for over 25 years now, as other one hit wonders come and go:




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