Manuscripts and Data

Manuscripts and Data

The 1999 website is a continuation of the studies I did for my Ph.D. dissertation at Ohio State University (Studies on Eukaryotic DNA Superstructure, 1988). This work continued from 1987 into the early 1990′s.  This page includes some of the manuscripts and data I generated during this time.

Alkali-Resistant “RNA” Oligomers: I. Association with High Molecular Weight DNA in Mouse L-1210 Cells, F. Abernathy and R. Stephens (pdf download available)

Alkali-Resistant “RNA” Oligomers: II.  Association with Nuclear Matrix DNA in Mouse and Human Cells, Frank W. Abernathy and Ralph E. Stephens (pdf download available)

Evidence for a Stable Association of Alkali Resistant RNA with DNase I Resistant DNA Within Mouse Genomic DNA, Frank W. Abernathy and Ralph E. Stephens. (this is a “beefier” version of the first manuscript) (pdf download available)

Studies on Eukaryotic DNA Superstructure, Frank W. Abernathy, 1988 (pdf download available)


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