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Would you like to help?

I have been getting lots of favorable comments on my blogs recently and I will go out on a limb by assuming the majority of them are “real”. Please understand I am an old school baby boomer who has a … Continue reading

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Regarding Comments

???????? I have been getting quite a lot of comments lately. Some of them are repeats. They are almost always positive in nature but somewhat generic in content, meaning they could apply to other blogs as well. So, I am … Continue reading

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Cellular Upgrades Via Endosymbionts

The fourth post below this one compared cellular evolution to corporate mergers. However, the devil’s always in the details, isn’t it?  So let’s try to get to the semi nitty gritty here. You can also think of cellular evolution as a … Continue reading

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Here we go again, reinventing nature!

It has been known for years that bacterial flagella are propelled by electric motors. Now it seems an insect uses gears to synchronize its jumping legs. Man has been scooped again!  

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Chromosomes are really boring to most people. Football and reality TV are far more entertaining to many folks. In fact, science in general is boring to most people. And math? PUH! Forget it! Most people could care less how buildings … Continue reading

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Tinker toys and chromosomes

When I was growing up we played with something called tinker toys. In fact, they are still available today. There were other baby toys along the way that my children played with called snap lock beads. I’m not here to … Continue reading

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Human DNA isn’t so human after all

I have been derelict in my literature researches lately. I just found this link today indicating that human DNA has as many as 100 genes from other species, including bacteria.  Imagine what else might be found when scientists actually take the … Continue reading

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