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Inorganic minerals were around long before any life occurred. By looking at some of their formations, you can better understand how they might have been used in the formation of life.

Regarding Comments

???????? I have been getting quite a lot of comments lately. Some of them are repeats. They are almost always positive in nature but somewhat generic in content, meaning they could apply to other blogs as well. So, I am … Continue reading

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Life Arose From Nothing?

We hear a common argument from biblical literalists that life cannot arise spontaneously from nothing, as if the world before life was but a vast void of amorphous chaos with no rhyme or reason, no form, no laws of nature. … Continue reading

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Rocks of Life

This post is not about fossils of extinct plants or animals, though you might think it was on first observation. These rocks were displayed on Facebook and I downloaded them (and others) because of their intrinsic beauty. I hope the owners of … Continue reading

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4-D printing: The beginning of artificial life?

Artificial structures that are self-folding? Sounds like proteins to me!  Self-replicating structures? Tubes that can change shape and undergo peristalsis?  Unbelievable!

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