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Was Isaac Newton Wrong About Chromosomes?

Ok, I know this is bordering on bait and switch, but give me a break, ok? I have to compete with cute cats, the deep state, the end of the world, and people who can juggle fireballs while playing Beethoven’s … Continue reading

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Is Evolution Real?

I just got “finished” debating someone on Facebook regarding whether evolution is real or not. It was lively as well as civil, an unusual combination for social media. It ended (for me, anyway) when I presented an actual repeatable example … Continue reading

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What difference does it make to you how chromosomes are put together?

This is your friendly retired scientific pest making his presence known…..AGAIN! Sigh! This particular post is not for jaded scientists per se but rather for you, the average blog surfer who is looking for the latest and greatest on the … Continue reading

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