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How are our chromosomes actually put together? Why should it matter to you?

The structure of human chromosomes may not be as simple as mainstream science says they are. O…….k. So why should that be important to you? Just a petty spat among academics, right? Nothing to see here, just move on along. … Continue reading

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What does it mean to have an “open” mind?

A friend of mine once said that having an open mind is like having an open sewer. I assume what he meant by that was all that unfiltered raw data just flows right in and becomes randomly assimilated into some … Continue reading

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Thank You For the Wonderful Comments

I want to thank all of the people who have taken the time to comment on my blog posts. As you know, I have to be careful and try to divine which comments are real and which ones are used … Continue reading

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Workplace Narcissism

I know this appears to have almost nothing to do with chromosomes or scientific research but everything in life is connected. Dysfunctional personalities are the bain of everybody’s existence, including scientists.  I’ve seen several posts about this subject. One in particular simply … Continue reading

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Non-english comments

I really appreciate all the comments and compliments I have received on this blog and look forward to more. However, I have to say something about comments in languages other than english. In this day and age, it has to … Continue reading

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