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Curing Cancer Via DNA Superstructure?

Ok, you may have heard this one before from a 2/18/2019 post. The reason I posted what I did on that date was because my daughter went into the ER on Valentine’s Day and was told she probably had chronic … Continue reading

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“Dark DNA”? I found this article on Facebook and responded directly to the author about it. Here is my post: “Dark, hard to find GC rich DNA? Could this be due to a technology issue because of the way DNA is … Continue reading

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The Human Population Time Bomb

I have talked about human population in other venues, but when I saw David Attenborough’s video on Facebook, I had to share the link here. Let me say this about such an incredibly important topic: Many people have been brainwashed into … Continue reading

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Are the 1% really as smart as they think they are? (Post 2)

The elites or 1% come with a variety of agendas: Usually we visualize them as something like the Rothschilds and their ilk, thinking they are smart enough to “Terra form” the Earth to something more to their liking. Imagine being arrogant, irrational, and … Continue reading

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